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Curebits Dosage Cylinder

Curebits is a ergonomic and innovative dosing cylinder, designed in order to be organized according to your needs of doses. With Curebits you only bring the doses you need  while away from home.

Curebits is discreetly and stylishly designed to symbolise health instead of illness.

Along with the Curebits app, you’ll know when to take your doses.

 Adapt Curebits according to your needs

Curebits cylinder can be adapted to contain doses corresponding to one day up to one week.

It is divisable- you only need to bring the doses requiered when you are away from home such as for one day, a weekend or and entire week.

Each daily compartment may be diveded in up to four doses each day with the enclosed inner walls.

Curebits is designed with elaborate swedish design and participated in 2014 in the Swedish design competition, Svensk Form.



Benefits with Curebits

Discrete and elaborate swedish design

Adapt the cylinder to your doses

Get reminders in your mobile phone with the Curebits App

Increase and monitor your complience

Buy Curebits

Curebits dosage cylinder is available for purchase at the Renapharma webshop.

Curebits App

Curebits app helps you gain control of your tablet intake. The App is currenntly only available in Swedish.

With Curebits app, you can receive reminders to take your dose and record the doses you’ve taken.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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