Compliance to prescribed treatment

Compliance means taking your tablets in accordance with the doctor’s prescription or manufacturer’s recommendations.

In Sweden, we consume 3 million doses of prescription drugs per day, and just as many doses of non-prescription drugs.  In addition, we ingest another 3 million doses of health food and supplements. That’s quite a lot of doses to take properly! Studies show, however, that as many as 40-50% does not take their preparations at the right time, in the right amount, or even at all.  4.5 million daily doses therefore risk causing undesirable side effects or have no effect at all. The consequences are poorer health and declining quality of life, as well as unnecessary costs for you and society. We find it a shame that so much medicine and resources are not used in the best possible way.

To reduce the risk of this happening to you or your loved ones, we have developed Curebits for storing tablets and medications. Curebits are for those who quickly and easily want to enhance or maintain compliance, thus achieving the best possible quality of life by fully taking advantage of your medications and supplements.